1300 E. 12th St. Eddystone, PA 19022

             Ph.# 610-874-9325 Fax# 610-874-3350

Eddystone Police Officers

Full Time Officers


Chief Edward Mokshefsky                       

Lt. Joseph Pretti                         

Sgt. Michael McNamee  

Ptlm. William Elliott (K-9)

Ptlm. Ryan Sweet

Ptlm. Aaron Salisbury

Ptlm. Paul Gliem

Ptlm. Michael Golden

Ptlm. Shane Coyle

K-9 dog Niko


Part Time Officers


Ptlm. Richard Holmes                              

Ptlm. John McCarthy

Ptlm. Ben Kyler

Ptlm. Christopher Desiderio

Ptlm. Christopher Signore          



Police Secretary

Kathy Krisac


Confidential Police or drug



Edward Mokshefsky

Chief of Police

The above email addresses are to be used for the purpose of contacting an Officer in regards to an ongoing investigation or an open case. Anyone who sends a threatening, vulgar, or obscene email and/or pictures to any Officer will be in violation of State and Federal laws. The Eddystone Police Department will seek out and prosecute anyone who intends to misuse our email system.

Current Retired Officers


Chief William Maitland                                          

Ptlm. Jack Berry

Sgt. Robert Mills

Chief Raymond Rodden

Lt. Robert Ieradi

Ptlm. Thomas Reilly

Ptlm. Allen Reeves

Eddystone Police Department

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